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Dès la première page de son nouveau livre, Architektur auf gemeinsamem Boden – Positionen und Modelle zur Bodenfrage, Florian Hertweck plonge le lecteur dans le maelstrom luxembourgeois. « Dans une commune non loin de la capitale », écrit-il, un paysan vient de céder un hectare de terrains constructibles pour douze millions d’euros à « un promoteur immobilier local ». Ce dernier a aussitôt revendu les parcelles pour 18 millions d’euros à « un promoteur immobilier étranger ».

Critique parue dans le Lëtzebuerger Land du 03.01.2020, lien.

Creative Commons 4.0 Lizenzen jetzt in deutscher Übersetzung

Ab jetzt sind die sechs Creative Commons Lizenzen in offizieller deutscher Übersetzung verfügbar.

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PS: Les traductions officelles en langue française sont toujours en phase d’élaboration. Comme une dizaine de partenaires francophones participent à ce processus cela risque de durer un peu plus longtemps que la version allemande.

Pour compliquer les choses… l’outil de renonciation de droits “Creative Commons Zero” (préconisé par est disponible en français, mais pas encore en allemand.

2016, a new start

Welcome to the Creative Commons Luxembourg new website!
As you can see there’s nothing much at all on it for last few years. This is a call for help to relaunch Creative Commons Luxembourg.

There are three things that Creative Commons cclogo smallLuxembourg does: answering terribly boring legal questions for which there is usually a person on the team called a “legal lead”. Then there’s the creative use of the sharing framework that CC offers. Creative Commons Luxembourg could engage in facilitating and inspiring creation, creativity, making and learning. Finally, Creative Commons Luxembourg is unthinkable without the international partner network and creative commons central. This a network of genuinely great people who can guide with setting up projects and share know-how. It would be fantastic if Creative Commons Luxembourg could become a group of people who give back more to this network (for example translations, discussions, whatever needs doing!).

If you can contribute to any of these three facets of a new Creative Commons Luxembourg, I’d be very happy to hear from you.

I would like it to be a “slow food” project, “slow food” as in “a culture of long-term, transparent and meaningful contributions”. I’d rather not participate in a hyped, startup-type thing (although such things might spin-off eventually).

So why did this all happen now? Because ‘forum’ magazine compiled a “Commons in Luxembourg” Dossier for their first 2016 issue. Thank you FORUM!

Aktuelles forum Heft: Dossier ‘Commons in Luxemburg’

Forum 358 von Januar 2016 : Einleitung Creative Commons und Dossier ‘Commons’

Cover forum Commons

Kim and Anne from FORUM are working hard to make most, if not all, of the Dossier available using CC, so we can all read and share it online. It’s a big first for them and they are very much looking forward to the CC experience over time. Stay tuned! The new issue is at newsstands 8th January and online early next week.

Update: The issue is online now!