e-city Roadshow à Luxembourg

Creative Commons Luxembourg participe à la Roadshow (gros camion inclus) de la Ville de Luxembourg. Le Service Coordination e-City présente les services électroniques que la Ville a mis en place au cours des 5 dernières années, des formations internetstuffen aux très pratiques call2park et sms4ticket et plein d’autres: présentation roadshow.

Nous sommes représentés avec des flyers et le savoir des amis de Jamendo et vendredi 26 septembre on assurera notre propre présence au Knuedler, pour répondre à vos questions et expliquer les licences Creative Commons. Le flyer CC peut être téléchargé ici: Flyer Roadshow  (pdf 1MB)

En plus il y a un concours pour gagner un eeePC et des cartes Luxtrust, du Jazz, des chiens robots, …  A vendredi!

First European Opensource Lawyers Meeting

The EOLE meeting on the 24th september in Paris will discuss GPLv3.

It is held during the “The capital of Libre” conference.

EOLE logo

Programm EOLE 2008

9.00 am – 1.00 pm: GPLv3 by features

  • The process of GPL revision, by Philippe Aigrain (FR), Sopinspace — Member of the board of directors of the Software Freedom Law Center
  • The “Internationalization” of the GPLv3 wording, by Ciaran O’Riordan (UK), Freedom Task Force coördinator
  • The copyleft extent of GPLv3 – derivative works / dynamic linking / LGPL, by Javier Gonzalez (SP), Adjunct Professor – University of the Balearic Islands
  • The GPLv3 and ASP – closing the loophole with the AGPL, by Marco Ciurcina (IT), Attorney at law – Studio Legale
  • The Patent clauses of GPLv3, by Mikko Välimäki (FIN), Lecturer in law – Helsinki University of Technology
  • The GPLv3 and compatibility issues, by Philippe Laurent (BE), Researcher at the CRID/University of Namur
  • The GPLv3 and DRMs / Anti-lock down clause, by Séverine Dusollier (BE), Lecturer in Law – University of Namur et/ou Philippe Aigrain (FR), Sopinspace — Member of the board of directors of the Software Freedom Law Center
  • The GPLv3, Warranty and Liability, by Sandrine Rambaud, Cabinet Bird & Bird
  • The GPLv3 and Private Law considerations, by Grégoire Jocquel, Cabinet Gilles Vercken
  • The GPLv3 and Competetition consideration , by Carlo Piana*, Attorney at law – Tamos & Partners

2.00 pm – 6.00 pm : GPLv3 by sectors

  • The GPL from the US lawyer point of view, by Mark Radcliffe* – DLA Piper Partner
  • The GPLv3 from the service & development industry perspective, by Benjamin Jean, Lawyer – Groupe Linagora
  • The GPLv3 from the embedded software/hardware industry perspective, by David Marr (US), Assistant General Counsel Product & Technology Law, Sun
  • The GPL enforcement – GPL and compilation, by Loïc Dachary, Senior Developer, member of GNU Project, APRIL and the FSF France
  • The GPLv3 from the public administration perspective, by Thierry Aimé, French ministry of finance et Pascal VERNIORY, Responsable du service Juridique DCTI – Centre des Technologies de l’Information
  • The (L)GPLv3 from community perspective, by Sophie Gautier, OpenOffice.org


European Commission is misleading EU on copyright extension, says academic

The European Commission “wilfully ignored” studies that it paid for whose conclusions disagreed with its policy and the Commission is misleading the European Union Council, Parliament and citizens over copyright extension, a leading academic has warned. Professor Bernt Hugenholtz is the director of the University of Amsterdam’s Institute

for Information Law (IViR) and has written an open letter (pdf) to Commissioner Jose Manuel Barroso that is starkly critical of its controversial policies on copyright extension.

Via quicklinks.

Others have picked up this story: arstechnica, open rights group, unwatched, out-law.com, …

OCLC copyright evidence registry

OCLC is piloting a new service for libraries that encourages librarians and other interested parties to discover and share information about the copyright status of books.

The WorldCat Copyright Evidence Registry does not provide conclusions or assertions about the copyright status of a book. Instead, it provides the information, tools, and community to help you conduct your copyright status investigation and form your own conclusions. It also lets you and others in the community share your conclusions.

So hop over to the Registry Pilot, create a free WorldCat account and have a look. A quick take:

  • Creative Commons licences are supported as copyright information, yet their integration could be optimised with CC+ and a licence chooser, to make sure that OCLC receives machine readable data. Now, you just type in free-form CC licence descriptions and no proper ccREL can be built from that.
  • No sharing of data. Unfortunately, OCLC harvests the rights of those contributing. The terms of use allow hardly any re-use: no mining, no caching, no distribution. There are also some fancy (cardcatalog?) rules like it’s forbidden to “make more than one (1) copy per screen display;”

This is a pilot which rests on the solid basis of 100 million item WorldCat database and has the potential to be a highly relevant source for copyright information evidence.