Partnership mania

The British Library just announced digitising with Microsoft, who help out OCA, who in turn use Creative Commons licensing, as an instrument to help preserve author sovereignty for rights questions. Yahoo, Adobe and HP are other major partner.

Google now offers a “Usage Rights” category in their advanced search, which finds works that may either “allow some form of re-use” or “can be freely modified, adapted or built upon”. But they don’t mention CC, and it’d be interesting to know whether the see Open Content more generically, including the GNU FDL. But alas, Google says nothing, as usual.

Meanwhile, Yahoo (who has offered CC search for 15 months!) announced 60 million backlinks, pointing to 60 million CC licences on the internet.

CC France Paris 17.11.2005

Dear all,

Just one year after the launch, CC France organizes a General Assembly + Live Music party on Thursday November 17th, just 2 days before the event in Italy.


  1. Achievements and perspectives by cc-fr team
  2. Discussion on CC licenses usages with CC users and free culture actors: sharing of experiences and propositions for the future
  • New business models around open access, creation of added-value, negotiation of side-contracts… – Legal questions : collective management incompatibilities, perspective of creation of an alternative system, moral rights, creative usages of NC and ND options… – Examples of CC tools uses by communities: education, research, arts, press, associations… – Organization of the Community: launch of a wiki in french translation of CC documents and CC licensed works collection of CC licensed works experiences and business models to support future negotiations
  1. Live music: danse, copy, and go home with it! in partnership with DJ Dakat aka Electron X

The set will be encoded in real-time and the audience will receive the performance recording tagged with CC metadata on their usb key right after the set. Technology: Jamcorder (or similar free software by Framasoft)

Location: CIUP – Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris Salon Honorat 17, boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris VENIR between 6pm and 1 am thanks to the support of the European Conference on Complex Systems

We can unfortunately not propose any financial support for your travel and accomodation, but would be very happy to see you at this occasion. Please let me know if you plan to come.

Programme in French


Danièle, François & Melanie

CC Italy Turin 19.11.2005

On Saturday November 19th, 2005 (1)

CC Italia will hold in Turin the first

Italian National CC Meeting, CCIT2005.

Keynote address by Philippe Aigrain.

Three panels on:

-Multimedia (i.e., audiovisual);

-Book publishing;

-Music (including the president of the Italian Phonografic Industry Association).

-Wrap-up panel.

– Full program

– Poster

(if you’d like the OpenOffice source files, just let me know).

The meeting is co-organized with the Italian Documentarist Association.

The meeting will be webcast live (

In the evening, CC Party with CC live music, dj/vj, a documentation center on CC, etc.

After the event and before the party, we will hold a _mini-mini-CC-summit_ & dinner.

The CC Leads of France, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia will be present, together Paula and others. We will take this chance to discuss common issues and to plan for the future.

If you want to take this chance to visit Turin, please let me know.

We cannot offer any financial support, but I’ll be glad to help you to arrange your visit.


Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos De Martin

Lead Creative Commons Italia

Politecnico di Torino

(1) The last day of the Turin Film Festival.