Progress of the luxembourg porting

Being the first to go from scratch to version 3.0 is quite a ride! We are expecting a final draft in late april/early may, which will be submitted to the legal team of Creative Commons International in Berlin. Unfortunately, our planned timing for a launch event on the 6th June is too risky: There is not enough time for a serious public discussion, very little time to resolve any open questions in the final draft and on top of that, key people may not be available due to preparation for the iSummit Dubrovnik in early June.

So, we decided to keep the licence porting process going, still expecting a Luxembourg 3.0 licence in July, but moved the launch event to the 2007 “rentrée” (sept/oct) in Luxembourg city. See you in Dubrovnik and in autumn in Luxembourg!

For updates, please feel free to join the cc-lux list.