Luxcommons asbl (association sans but lucratif) is a non-profit legal entity from Luxembourg, founded in 2005.

The first instrument of choice to foster innovation in intellectual property was the Creative Commons Licence suite. It was successfully implemented and translated, from version 3 in 2007 to the current version 4, including the CC Zero and Public Domain Mark instruments.

In 2017 we felt that CC licences are extremely well established and basically done after the cross-jurisdictional version 4. We also failed to attract new volunteers with new ideas, after celebrating 10 years’ anniversary. In this situation, CC changed its organisational structure to the new Creative Commons Global Network, so we decided against joining the network as institutional member. Since April 2018, Luxcommons is now “formerly known as CC Luxembourg”.

We still believe the commons are a key part of our global future and are looking to refocus on physical, tangible commons. The Mietshäusersyndikat seems like a good starting point. We are looking for hands, brains, time and money. If you could spare any of those, please get in touch!

As of late 2020, new volunteers have joined Luxcommons to promote Project Gutenberg, Distributed Proofreaders Luxembourg (pgdp-L), a network of proofreaders for digitised public domain literature.

Contact: patrick.luxcommons[AT]gmail.com

Siège social: 20, Haaptstrooss; L-9181 Tadler
Numéro RCS: F959

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