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The UN Live museum “flips the script”. Normally Cultural heritage organisations start with their collections, their treasures and push them out, to the public. Participatory design and immersive exhibitions exist for a long time, but nevertheless, the UN Live Museum’s content strategy radically starts with the stories and experiences of people, including their socio-historic context. This approach ties in with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and in many ways with Bruno Latour’s “Où atterir?”.

Here’s Michael Edson presenting the UN Live Museum (1h), the first 5 minutes is an  introduction in Swedish!

Aktuelles forum Heft: Dossier ‘Commons in Luxemburg’

Forum 358 von Januar 2016 : Einleitung Creative Commons und Dossier ‘Commons’

Cover forum Commons

Kim and Anne from FORUM are working hard to make most, if not all, of the Dossier available using CC, so we can all read and share it online. It’s a big first for them and they are very much looking forward to the CC experience over time. Stay tuned! The new issue is at newsstands 8th January and online early next week.

Update: The issue is online now!