Utilisateurs CC au Luxembourg

A couple of weeks from the CC Luxembourg launch conference, here’s a small selection of prominent sites that use Creative Commons licences in Luxembourg.

Art/Audio/Video community project to document the Cultural Capital with online remixing: www.flash007.lu

Almost a global player, the notorious Jamendo music site:


Beautiful photographs from the “Our” nature parc in Luxembourg:


Cultural Heritage, digitised print from the National Library:


Example: A-Z illustrated magazine 1934

The city of Luxembourg, using CC for their website


“Family of Man 2007” youth project: Photo contest/exhibition and book


If you know others that should be included in this list, please drop an email to patrick DOT luxcommons AT gmail DOT com. I’m sure there’s more, a Google search for the phrase “creative commons” in the Luxembourg web gives nearly 2 million hits!

And if you haven’t registered yet for the launch conference on the 15th October, please do so: www.sitec.lu/conference

(please not: all presentations will be in French!)

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