Jamendo at MIDEM, announcing revenue sharing

The Jamendo team is going ahead full steam in 2007!

Laurent will be at this years MIDEM (Riviera Hall – Luxemburg Pavillon – Booth R31.35) at Cannes from 20th au 24th January.

Luxembourg, 15th January : Announcing revenue sharing with artists

Since the end of 2006, Jamendo allows users to download for free more than 2000 albums under Creative Commons licenses. Now Jamendo is bringing its concept up to the next level : half of the advertising revenue will be shared with the artists.

Every month, the artists who registered to this Revenue Sharing program will share 50% of the advertising revenue of Jamendo. Shares will be proportional to the number of visits on the artists’ pages on Jamendo. The artists registering now to the program will share the advertising revenue from the period beginning on the 1st January 2007. This program will be in beta stage for the first term and might be improved after on.

This new system is currently one of the most innovative ways to permit both the diffusion of music under Creative Commons licenses and a revenue for the artists. This new revenue stream will be a complement to the donation system that allows the listeners to give money to an artist via jamendo and PayPal.

For more information on this program :


Press release in French

Jamendo widgets

Now you can put your favourite Jamendo tracks right on your blog or homepage, using the new Jamendo widgets:

And don’t forget the other 2000 Creative Commons albums!

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