CC licence compatibility wizard

Jedi from CC Taiwan annonced a neat tool today:

There is a FAQ entry “I used part of a Creative Commons-licensed work, which Creative Commons license can I relicense my work under?” CC HQ provides a matrix to show the compatibility of each CC license:

However, we found it not so easy for everybody to understand this matrix in our country. So that we’ve worked out a interactive-style matrix to help people to get the whole idea. What we done is based on “(Open Source) Licenses Wizard v3.0” – a product from our sister project, Open Source Software Foundry. We call it “Creative Commons Licenses Compatibility Wizard:”

This wizard was first written in Traditional Chinese for our people. Later we made an English translation one for all of you:

You can play with it, download its source code, modify it if you like, and learn more about “(Open Source) Licenses Wizard v3.0” or “Open Source Software Foundry” project from links above.

Please note that this stuff is still quite rough — we know there are much to improve.

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